“I have been to various programs before joining the Meaningful Day program at Companions. I have volunteered at a Senior Living facility since 2017 with the support of my Vocational Coach. I serve as an Activities Assistant working with adults with Dementia. Despite the many adversities in my life, I am determined to not allow them to get me down. I love to be around people and going to special activities. I also participate as a peer leader in a woman’s empowerment group. I enjoy listening to my favorite oldie jams and hanging out with my boyfriend. I recently began a vocational training class, and I enjoy interacting and participating in the group discussions. I am very thankful for the supports I receive through the Meaningful Day program.”

Devri D. (Meaningful Day participant)

“I graduated from Woodlawn high school, Baltimore, Maryland in 2015. I came to Companions in 2016 and worked as an intern at Marshall’s in Catonsville, Maryland.  I did so well they hired me part-time two days a week.  I’m  happy at my job and I enjoy getting paid.  During the pandemic Marshall’s was closed. I never stopped wishing to go back to work.  Companions was afraid that I would lose the job.  With the team support and by staying in contact with the General Manager, I was able to go back to work on Tuesday, July 21st.  Today I am happy and doing a great job at work. I appreciate what Companions has done and want to continue working and staying at Companions.”

Quicny Q. (Meaningful Day participant)

“On May 15, 2011, my life drastically changed when a late-night ride with a friend turned into a life-altering motor vehicle accident. I fractured my C4 vertebrae in my spine, which rendered me paralyzed from biceps down. In spite of living with paralysis, I continued to persevere through the overwhelming circumstance by showing enormous strength. My story and journey has had a profound effect on so many people. It has created an avenue for public speaking, mass media, journalism, volunteerism, peer mentoring, being an ambassador for people with spinal cord injuries (SCI) and more. Becoming a CCBC graduate by receiving my Associate’s degree in Communications and Media Studies, has been one of my greatest accomplishments. Having a communication background is auspicious for what I want to do or become in life. I am looking forward to job opportunities that will allow me to become a reputable leader in the community and galvanize those who are in similar situations to keep persevering.”

Rakeem B. (Supported Living and Meaningful Day participant)