We believe everyone can work. Having a job can be a great achievement for anyone. A real job can mean freedom to go out into the world and be a part of something larger. Confidence is gained with accomplishments. We all gain a sense of pride when we can add value and be valued.

Employment support services include Job Discovery, Job Development, Ongoing Job Supports, Follow Along Supports, Self-Employment Supports, and Co-Worker Supports. Employment Supports are available through the Department of Rehabilitation Services (DORS) and Developmental Disabilities Administration (DDA).


Receive individualized supports from job coaches. Tailored assistance is provided to start a new career or become self-employed.


Get matched with rewarding jobs in your community. Work alongside supportive co-worker, and enjoy the benefits of competitive wages.


Achieve your work and career goals! Gain a new sense of purpose, pride, and dignity that comes with earning a paycheck. 


Receive individualized self-advocacy supports from job coaches to assist you with navigating and maintaining your employment.


Meaningful Day Services are individualized community-based activities promoting Community Development and Career Exploration. By utilizing the community as a learning environment, you will discover opportunities to grow, learn new skills, explore job opportunities, and meet new people. Active engagement in your community can be the difference between sharing joys, and dividing burdens…or going at it alone. Networking during community activities also creates opportunities for friendships, lifetime companionship, and resources for future employment, if desired. 

Each day begins at your home or a place of your choosing and continues with active participation in a wide variety of community activities. You may choose to participate in any combination of recreation, wellness, pre-vocational, training, and volunteer activities according to your preferences. Your assigned vocational coach assists with door-to-door transportation, coaching and hands-on supports as you navigate the community. 


Explore and discover your community! Participate in recreation/leisure activities, including health and fitness programs, arts, and social groups.


Stay involved in your community. Lend a helping hand to others when you volunteer at non-profit organizations in your local community.


Participate in vocational preparation at worksites in the community. Acquire new skills to help prepare you for future employment if desired.


Build real relationships in your community. Make new friends and network with employers for future employment, if desired.


Achieving a sense of worth and dignity, it’s a basic human desire.

Through Supported Living Services, we help you transition and live safely in your own home and enjoy the dignity and pride of living independently. After the transition to independent living you continue to receive the supports needed to remain healthy and safe.

In the past, people with ID/DD were increasingly shifted to smaller scales settings, but still did not receive person-centered, individualized supports. While smaller, congregate settings offer physical integration into the communities, they rarely provide the opportunity for true, inclusive community integration. In July 2019, an amendment to Maryland’s DDA Waivers expanded the scope of available services to include Supported Living.

We encourage you to be as independent as possible. Our staff is there to support you whenever the need arises. We offer supports that are based on your identified needs in areas such as:  daily living activities, health/safety, money management, transportation and community engagement.


Living independently can be one of life’s greatest achievements and provides opportunities for you to shape the direction of your life


The ability to choose where we live, who we live with and make important everyday decisions is what makes our lives unique.


Learn to do as much as you can for yourself and become increasingly independent with your daily living, health and household tasks.


Experience personal growth and fulfillment that comes with making your own choices and living your vision for a good life.

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Personal Support Services provides individualized hands-on training and coaching for individuals living in their own homes or with family. We focus on support, training and supervision in developing and maintaining skills such as;

  • Independent living skills necessary to complete daily activities
  • Self-care
  • Problem-solving and self-advocacy
  • Social and communication skills
  • Community engagement, recreation, and relationship-building
  • Volunteering
  • Personal budgeting and money management
  • Health management
  • Personal and community safety
  • Travel and transportation


Everyone has the right to live in their own home. Making the choice to move into independent housing may seem overwhelming, but with Companions by your side, you can have that lifestyle and independence.

We provide the information and supports needed to help you rise to the challenge of finding a home to call your own. We’re with you all the way, helping you overcome housing barriers, navigate housing opportunities, and successfully maintain your private home. The services we provide include:

  • Housing search and application
  • Resources to cover rent, utilities and other basic expenses
  • Roommate matching
  • Reasonable accommodation requests
  • Tenancy education and training
  • Dispute resolution supports to manage disputes with landlords and/or neighbors


Respite Care

Respite Care services provide short‐term, in‐home respite services to relieve your family or primary caregiver from their caregiver responsibilities while providing you with new opportunities and experiences.

Nursing Services

Nursing services focus on health case management and consultation to promote your health, safety, and overall well-being. We encourage independence and self-­management of your health, and support you in the areas you need assistance.

Assistive Technology And Devices

Assistive Technology includes adaptive items, equipment, and technology to support and enhance your daily living activities, employment, communication and health.

Transition Services

Transition services provide funding for the cost of items and services you might need when moving into a new private residence in the community. You can receive assistance with purchasing furniture, setting‐up utilities, and paying security deposit for your rented home.

Participant Education, Training And Advocacy

Participant Education, Training, and Advocacy Supports (PETAS) helps you to learn self-­advocacy and self-­determination skills.


Transportation services provide funding to cover the cost of travel to and from your activities within the community and with travel-­training.


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